Sara's Suds

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About Us

Sara's Suds started as just a simple 4-H presentation in 2010 on "How to make goat's milk soap." However, it soon progressed into a business idea in order to help with Sara's college expenses, with all of the profits going toward educational needs. We now make different varieties of handmade goat's milk soap, wine soap, and goat's milk & honey lotion.

All of our goat's milk soap is made with fresh goat's milk and all food grade oils. All soap is made in small batches in our kitchen and cures for a minimum of 3 weeks before selling. Each bar weighs about 5.5 ounces poured and comes individually wrapped. Flip over each tag to see a picture of one of our goats and the ingredients used.

I could never have created Sara's Suds without the help of my first Alpine dairy goat, Peanut, who taught me how to perfect the art of milking.
105 Peaceful Valley Rd Salix, PA 15952
We are located in the small town of Salix, just outside of Johnstown, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.